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some of the items in this NEA release applies directly to those in higher education. Please consider this action.
[from the NEA…]

This week, GOP leaders in Congress are gathering forces to push the PROSPER Act to a floor vote. The PROSPER Act is their version of the Higher Education Act, and it is a very bad bill for our students and our campuses.

Please tell your Representative to oppose it.

The GOP’s PROSPER Act would:

Eliminate Public Service Loan Forgiveness, breaking a promise that was made to teachers, faculty, and other public service workers a decade ago. Without this program, many of our students will not be able to afford to join us in public service someday.

Wipe out regulations around for-profit colleges. This would make it possible for the worst for-profits to prey on our most vulnerable students, leaving them with worthless degrees and mountains of debt. Bad idea!

Limit student loans. Making college less affordable is exactly the wrong direction.

Cut $41 million from teacher preparation programs.

When you tell Congress that our students deserve more than this, they listen. Your emails, your calls, and your visits to their local offices matter. Our voices matter. This is why I am asking you to reach out to your Representative and stop the PROSPER Act.



We (at GTEA) ask you to please consider voting YES to recertify our bargaining unit. Please let one of us (any of the GTEA Council members) Know that you VOTED.
Please click the LINK ABOVE to go directly to the website and cast your vote!
Alternatively, you may vote by phone by calling (866) 458-9862 (toll-free). You may vote 24/7.
  • Do not log off or hang-up until after your vote is confirmed.
  • Unlike any other election, if you abstain from voting, you will be counted as a “No” vote.
  • Your vote remains confidential: Neither Gateway Technical College nor GTEA are told specifically whether you voted to recertify.
  • Recertification maintains a legal relationship between GTC and the faculty and staff represented through our organization, GTEA.
  • Recertification maintains employees’ rights to have a collective, protected voice with our employer.
  • Voting began April 5 at noon, and ends on April 25 at noon. Please do not delay.
If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Suzanne Sublette (GTEA President), Jay Johnson (GTEA Past President), GTEA Officers, or your Campus Representatives.
Again, here is the link to cast your vote online:
Thank you for your support,
The GTEA Council of Representatives



Suzanne Sublette

Suzanne Sublette,
GTEA President

It’s been a busy fall for GTEA as we continue our advocacy and organizing work, and we have even bigger plans for the winter!

In October, GTEA Council members Jason Gerber, Ann Stotts, Colleen Aird, and I hosted WEAC Vice President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen for a roundtable gathering. After taking a tour of Culinary Arts on the Racine Campus, Olsen met with Council members to discuss issues and concerns. In particular, we advocated for the development of a stronger technical college voice with WEAC.

In November, I attended the NEA’s Historically Black College and University Summit in Washington, D.C. The Summit included a trip to Capitol Hill to meet with and lobby members of the Congressional Black Caucus on issues pertaining to higher education funding, union organizing, and diversity on college campuses.

In January, GTEA will hold our first annual Back to Basics School Supply Give-Away. Spearheaded by Membership Coordinator Robin Rupp, our Back to Basics campaign focuses on helping students attain some of what they need most—the basics!  We will be distributing pens, folders, and notebooks to hundreds of students during the first week of the spring semester in January. If you’re interested in helping to assemble or distribute Back to Basics kits, please let your representative know.

Also in January, GTEA will host a General Membership meeting on Friday, January 5, after in-service activities conclude. Please stay tuned for more information.

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Jason Gerber

Jason has taught math in General Studies for nine years.

Why am I in the union?

Well, first, saying that I did not know anything about unions before coming to Gateway is an understatement for me. I was actively hostile toward unions at one point in my life.

You might be wondering how I went from one extreme to the other. Well, it was all about getting involved. Being from a rural area, I wasn’t exposed to unions much.
It certainly wasn’t a positive topic on local radio.
I didn’t have any choice from the right-wing talk radio that I mistakenly took for news radio.

By attending GTEA meetings, which are open to anyone willing to join us, I learned that the union was really a democratic body looking out for the unit as a whole. They wanted what was best for the unit, not for themselves. And if you were willing, you could be involved or elected to any position that you wanted. No one cared that before being involved I was not union-friendly.

Once I understood that it was a democratic body looking out for everyone, I jumped right in. I have been GTEA treasurer for six years, and have been liaison for the region and the state. All because I got more involved, not that I was special. The more I got involved the more I realized GTEA was the only organization helping the profession.

A union membership can earn you different discounts and other perks, but it is about looking out for each other and our profession. I truly believe that if you get involved and meet more members, you will not be anything but impressed. We truly can make a difference for the college and the state and even the Nation.

GTEA Scholarships–now is the time to apply!


The Gateway Technical Education Association (GTEA) sponsors $500.00 scholarships to continuing students through the Gateway Foundation. Eligibility includes children, step-children, grandchildren, and spouses of current GTEA members.

The Continuing Student Scholarship is for current Gateway students who have completed at least three (3) credits at Gateway, have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0, are in good academic standing, and complete and submit the online application.

The online application process will take about two hours to complete. Read the directions carefully and be sure to answer all the questions including the one asking about the GTEA member in your family

The Gateway Foundation scholarship application form is available here.

The application deadline is October 8, 2017. Scholarship recipients will be announced in January 2018.

Questions? Contact Ellen Pedraza, Kenosha Campus GTEA Senior Representative, via: © 2014 Frontier Theme