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Due to inclement weather, Gateway Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Foundation Donor Reception has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2015, at 12:30 pm. A light lunch will be served. Let Ellen know if you will attend. 

On Thursday evening (this week – January 8) at the Gateway Foundation Scholarships Ceremony, Ellen Pedraza will be presenting the 2015 GTEA Scholarships to:

  • Silver N. Platt, daughter of GTEA member Alicia Ruiz
  • Rosalva Lima, daughter of GTEA member Rosalva Santana.

Please contact Ellen if you would like to join in at the ceremony (begins at 6:30pm in Madrigrano Auditorium on the Kenosha Campus and will end at about 8 pm.)

GTEA Election Activities and Endorsement

[from Allen Pearson]

GTEA Members:

 I have been asked to serve as a coordinator for our Fall election activities.  This means I will try to keep us all updated on activities involving WEAC endorsed candidates.  While it is early, we face some tough battles ahead of us.   Here is some information on this weekend’s activities.  Note in the future, I will try to get this information out with a little more advanced notice.  Since I just started in this role, I was working on my email lists.

Canvas for the WEAC Recommended Candidate Mary Burke
“Workers’ Voices” (part of AFL-CIO) has asked us to help them with CAMPAIGN KICK OFF CANVASING THIS SATURDAY, August 2, in both Kenosha and Racine.

Volunteers will be dropping literature and identifying supporters for our endorsed candidate Mary Burke. Anyone who is interested in helping is welcome to attend.

Coordinators will do a brief training at 10 a.m. and then send volunteers to contact targeted voters, primarily through door knocks, about the Governor’s election and supporting Mary Burke (will expand to other state races with time).

They are aiming to make these canvasses as easy for volunteers as possible by first doing a brief training on the materials and then sending them only to targeted doors.  Canvassers will be targeting both union member voters and general public voters.  The universe will be a mix of persuadable voters and “drop-off” voters that we need to mobilize this November to defeat Walker.  (“Drop-off” are those who tend to vote only in years when there’s a presidential election on the ballot.)

Attached is a flyer with the staging location details for all of the canvass kickoffs taking place across the state this Saturday.

Where: Racine Labor Temple – 1840 Sycamore Avenue, Racine, WI 53406
When: Saturday August 2nd – 10am to 1pm

Where: UAW Local 72 – 3615 Washington Road, Kenosha, WI 53144 - 10am to 1pm
When: Saturday August 2nd – 10am to 1pm

Mary Burke is coming to Kenosha THIS  Saturday.    

I am trying to get her finalized itinerary so, with your help, we can get that information out.

I know she will be at a Labor breakfast on Saturday morning, and at the Harbor Market some time, and at two different fundraisers:

1.      Friday at the UAW.  This is a “donations accepted but not required” event;  they would like as many people as possible to show up.

2.      Saturday is a ticketed event at the home of State Rep. Peter Barca.  Tickets are $50.

Any help GTEA Members can give is greatly appreciated.

Allen J. Pearson

GTEA Fall Election Coordinator


GTEA and GESP would like to thank all employees at Gateway Technical College for voting in the recent recertification election!

We are pleased to announce that ALL the employees (members as well as potential members) at Gateway Technical College have voted to re-certify the union.

Of those who voted, the GTEA was approved by a margin of more than 33 votes to every 1.*

We look forward to working on behalf of our employee members, and  with Administration  for years to come.


*of those who voted, 202 voted yes, 6 voted no


GTEA MEMBER (and potential member) SOCIAL


What  - Social and meeting Event

When - Monday, May 5  4pm – 7pm

Where - The Fireside Restaurant – 2801 30th Ave, Kenosha, WI (Turn left out of the Gateway parking lot, the Fireside is on the right side of 30th Ave less than ½  mile down the road)


Why - Celebrate the end of 2013-2014 School year

  • Celebrate successful recertification vote
  • Celebrate Start of 2014-2015
  • Legislative and negotiations update
  • Because we Can!


How - Free to all GTEA / GESP employees, whether you are a member or not yet

Come on over after in-service or when your work day is
finished – - We are here til 7pm


[from Linda Spaulding]

GTEA Staff and Faculty!

Congratulations! We have voted “YES
And we have Recertified the Gateway Technical Education Association!

Thank you all for your support!

The union, through its members, is an important tool to help us achieve a voice and work together to change things for the better — as a Union, we are stronger than we are as individuals. It is because of this union we have the wages, benefits, and working conditions we do today.

This YES vote sends a strong message to the District that we want to have a voice in our workplace! We have a strong chorus of voices that helps shape our workplace for the better of our members, our students, and the community—as a Union.

In Solidarity!





And if you are NOT  a GTEA member (we encourage you to join), but you believe that there should be a negotiating entity on behalf of the employees, vote YES also!
(This does NOT mean you have to join)

Voting is from April 1 (noon) until April 21 (noon).

See the previous post for directions.




GTEA Recertification Vote Instructions

The recertification voting period required by Wisconsin Act 10 to continue to have Gateway Technical Education Association (GTEA) as your bargaining representative has arrived!

Voting is from from Noon on Tuesday, April 1 through Noon on Monday, April 21.

Please consider voting the first week to be sure you don’t forget.  If you do not vote, you will be recorded as a “no” vote.

Please vote YES to re-certify Gateway Technical Education Association as your bargaining representative!

Before you vote, please follow this link to the Frequently Asked Questions,

this include visuals of both the telephone and online voting options.


To vote you will need:

  • The first 4 letters of your last name (If your last name has fewer than 4 letters, then you just put in those letters)
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number
  • The name of our organization, Gateway Technical Education Association
  • To vote, call 1-866-458-9862 (toll free) OR log onto (Vote 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)


If you have questions before voting please go to GTEA’s website,, for the GTEA contact on your campus.

If you have a problem voting,  please contact the election “help desk” at 1-800-529-5218 between 10 am and 6 pm, Monday-Friday and email Leigh Barker at to inform her of the problem.

Please support recertification of the GTEA  as the organization to speak and advocate for GTC faculty and professional staff by voting YES to recertify.

Linda Spaulding


Questions about recertification?

GTEA President
Linda Spaulding
IT Instructor
Work Location:  Kenosha Campus
Work phone: 262-564-3120


GTEA Recertification Committee Contacts

 Jay Johnson
Communications Skills Instructor
Work Location: Kenosha Campus
Work phone:  262-564-2682


Heidi Jenkins
Reading Instructor
Work Location:  Racine Campus
Work phone:  262-619-6672


Jason Gerber
Math Instructor
Work Location:  Racine Campus, iMet Center
Work phone:  262-619-6226


Ken Haling
Accounting Instructor
Work Location:  Elkhorn/Burlington Campuses
Work phone:  262-741-8342


Raquel Palacios
Academic Adviser
Work Location:  Racine Campus
Work phone:  262-619-6332


Staff Representative
Leigh Barker
Work phone:  888-412-3266 © 2014 Frontier Theme