Educators in WEAC recommend candidates who are committed to students, public schools and our shared values. Here is the latest recommendations/endorsements for the upcoming fall election.

WEAC/ Wisconsin Eye has recorded interviews with some of the candidates. To view content with the video interviews, please go to the WEAC account

Governor: Tony Evers

Lt. Governor: Sara Rodriguez

Attorney General: Josh Kaul

U.S. Senate: Mandela Barnes

U.S. Congressional Districts

1 – Ann Roe (video)

2 – Mark Pocan

3 – Brad Pfaff

4 – Gwen Moore

5 – Mike Van Someren (video)

7 – Dick Ausman (video)

STATE Assembly

Roberta Thelen AD01
Renee Gasch AD02
Derek TeagueAD04
Joey Van DeurzenAD05
William SwitallaAD06
Daniel RiemerAD07
Marisabel CabreraAD09
Sarah HarrisonAD13
Robyn ViningAD14
Supreme Moore OmokundeAD17
Evan GoykeAD18
Christine SinickiAD20
Nate JurowskiAD21
Bob TattersonAD24
Lisa SalgadoAD26
Chet GerlachAD27
Sarah YacoubAD30
Brienne BrownAD31
Donald VruwinkAD 33
Eileen DanielAD34
Ben MurrayAD36
Maureen McCarville AD37
Theresa Valencia AD42
Jenna JacobsonAD43
Sue ConleyAD44
Clinton Anderson AD45
Jimmy Anderson AD47
Samba BaldehAD48
Lynne ParrottAD49
Michael Leuth AD50
Leah Spicer AD51
Joe Lavrenz AD52
Lori Palmeri AD54
Stefanie HoltAD55
Patrick HaydenAD56
Lee SnodgrassAD57
Dan Larsen AD60
Anthony HammesAD62
Tip McGuireAD64
Tod OhnstadAD65
Greta NeubauerAD66
Lisa BoeroAD69
Katrina ShanklandAD71
Laura Gapske AD73
Francesca HongAD76
Sheila StubbsAD77
Lisa SubeckAD78
Alex JoersAD79
Mike Bare AD80
David ConsidineAD81
Deborah DavisAD82
Lu Ann BirdAD84
Kristin ConwayAD85
Elizabeth RileyAD87
Hannah Beauchamp-Pope AD88
Jane Benson AD89
Kristina Shelton AD90
Jodi EmersonAD91
Alison Page AD93
Steve DoyleAD94
Jill BillingsAD95
Jayne SwiggumAD96
Christina Barry AD98
Andrea Gage-Michaels SD01
Tim Carpenter SD03
Jessica KatzenmeyerSD05
Chris Larson SD07
Steven Doelder SD11
Mark SpreitzerSD15
Pat Skogen SD17
Kristin Alfheim SD19
Kelly WestlundSD25
Dianne HesselbeinSD27
Bob Look SD29
Jeff SmithSD31


4/7/21 – 4/27/21

Hi GTEA Members! 
We just want to drop you a quick note and remind you to please vote in GTEA’s Annual Certification Election.  In this election, (the only election where a simple majority does not win) not voting counts as equivalent to a “no” vote in the election—so casting your ballot is extremely important to maintain a certified bargaining unit!  

The recertification requirement is an opportunity to send a message that we are looking out for each other and standing together on important issues that affect our professions, the students we all serve, and the college. This includes safety, salary advancement, workload, stakeholder input, retirement benefits, and a host of other issues.

Additionally, having a certified bargaining unit is required for GTEA to bargain for our annual CPI increase in base wages. As always, administration remains free to give us additional salary increases at their discretion.  

In past years, some folks have had a difficult time voting (the website freezing up or receiving error messages). If you have voted and feel comfortable, please contact any of GTEA Council Members or Reps, and let them know that you were able to successfully cast your ballot.

If you are experiencing any issues, we can notify our President (Jay Johnson) and our Region 7 Director (Ted Kraig). They in turn will contact WERC and try to find out exactly what the problem is to help your vote count.

Thank you in advance for casting your ballot and supporting GTEA!  PLEASE VOTE ASAP (BEFORE the 4/27 close date)!

If you are interested in becoming more involved, or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or any other  GTEA council member.
In Solidarity,

GTEA Council


Please look for the survey in your mailboxes from the GTEA and REGION 7. We urge every member to take the survey. It is anonymous. The GTEA position is clearly spelled out below, and we would like to hear what our membership has to say.

Survey to allow GTEA a voice…

GTEA MEMBERS and Bargaining Unit members:
Hope you are all doing as well as possible given the circumstances.

If you haven’t already, please sign this petition for GTEA to have a voice on the administration’s GPS committee. As you know, there are still many unanswered questions and changes to come as we transition back to campus. Having GTEA representation on the committee will both help meet the college’s goal for improved collaboration and transparency, and provide additional advocacy for safety and health of students and staff.

We want to ensure and that any concerns or issues are being heard and addressed. Thank you and please reach out with any questions.
Best wishes!


Let us know if there are any questions, other suggestions, etc. that you may have.


First, thank you again for your membership in OUR union! We continue to effectively advocate for our shared concerns with administration and I feel as though we are making significant gains in working with administration and building power to achieve what we, as a union, want to see in our workplace. While it is always an uphill battle, we cannot do this without the support of each and every one of you. Thank you.

Think of the major works that we have accomplished even in the past two months: 

  • Securing a private meeting with HLC reviewers to present an honest view of College procedures, policy, and morale.
  • Advocating for the immediate closure of campus facilities, flexible work options, and the safety of our student, community, and colleagues in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though we are in a state of emergency, WERC has ruled that our certification elections must continue as scheduled. There is never a better time for solidarity than right now— let’s show WERC and Gateway that we are stronger than ever by turning out our highest percentage of voters yet! We’ve got This!

Below, you will find the details of how to vote. Remember to vote YES; it literally takes less than a minute if you’re voting online.  Please vote ASAP and reply to this email, letting me know you have voted YES. This helps us successfully focus our efforts on turning out yet another STRONG showing that lets administration know that we have a unified voice! 


Please click here to go directly to the website and cast your vote!  Alternatively, you may vote by phone by calling (866) 458-9862 (toll-free). You may vote 24/7.

* Do not log off or hang-up until after your vote is confirmed.

* Unlike any other election, if you abstain from voting, you will be counted as a “No” vote.

* Your vote remains confidential: Neither Gateway Technical College nor GTEA are told specifically whether you voted to recertify.

* Recertification maintains a legal relationship between GTC and the faculty through our organization, GTEA.

* Recertification guarantees us the right to bargain for a base wage increase up to CPI— which is 1.81% this year. It also protects your base wages from decreasing annually. 

* Recertification maintains employees’ rights to have a collective, protected voice with our employer.

* Voting begins today, 1 April at noon, and ends on 21 April at noon. Please do not delay.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Jay Johnson, GTEA President, or your Campus Representatives.

Again, here is the link to cast your vote online: http://aaaelections.org/WERC

Solidarity— now more than ever!

HLC Comments: Take the Survey


In advance of the HLC visit next week, GTEA is continuing our duty to gather comments from our bargaining unit to share with the HLC Review Team. Please take this short survey to let us know your experiences with how the 5 Criteria function at Gateway.

You are experts and professionals–and providing your direct and honest feedback to HLC is a meaningful part of the accreditation process
GTEA has a private meeting (NO administrators/supervisors) with the Review Team and we would like to share your experiences with them. 

The public meeting schedule is as follows: 

Monday, 2/24, 10:15 – 11:30AM Criteria 1 & 2 (Mission & Integrity w/ employees, students, & community)

Monday, 2/24, 1:45 – 3:00PM Criteria 3 & 4 (Academic Quality & Resources)

Tuesday, 2/25, 8:00 – 9:30AM Criteria 5 (Shared Governance & appropriate use of College resources)

All meetings are in the Kenosha Garden Room, with video connections to Elkhorn 114 and Racine R113 (Michigan Room).