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URGENT! Call your legislators!

Call legislators at 800-362-9472 – tell them to vote NO on Walker’s Budget

The state budget coming out of the legislature’s budget writing committee included some improvements over the last three budgets which had effectively slashed funding for public education. However, it has come to light that the budget includes a few poison pills that will undermine the teaching profession and public schools.

As we reported previously, the current budget proposal moves the clock forward on the voucher time bomb which may ultimately bankrupt many school districts. More recently legislators added terrible provisions to expand special needs vouchers which will end up stripping families of special needs children of many federal and state safeguards.

Now it has come to light that the budget creates a backdoor way to lower teaching standards by allowing initial teaching licenses to be granted to individuals certified by online licensing factories that refuse to meet minimum standards set by the Legislature and Department of Public Instruction.

This opens the door to outfits such as the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, which operates in Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee, to name a few. The Board’s website promotes its program as a way to earn teacher certification in less than one year, without taking on debt or returning to school. Student teaching is not required as a basis of certification! Note: WEAC and the DPI strenuously objected to this provision, as Wisconsin has existing alternative pathways and also recognizes out-of-state licenses.

Please call your legislators at 800-362-9472 and tell them not to pass a state budget that undermines quality public schools and the education professions.

NEA “ADVOCATE” Newsletter

GTEA (WEAC/NEA) members receive the Advocate as a part of their dues. The Advocate has contained a number of interesting articles for members of our profession, including a recent article  titled “The Color of Student Debt,” on the ratio of student debt burden by institution type and race.
This month’s issue had a compelling article on “Relational Advising.” Join our closed user Facebook group, and share a discussion on how you feel about Relational Advising.


A Voice for Our Profession on the Radio

Resistance Radio (WRRD, 1510AM) continues to air unique voices on teaching and education that have not been heard on Milwaukee airwaves in a very long time.

This coming Monday, July 24th, at 7:00 am, 1510AM’s Earl Ingram Show will be joined by Joanna Perez Rizzotto, a 21 year teacher, MPS parent and accomplished advocate for all education professions. 

In addition to being an active leader in her local, the South Milwaukee Education Association, Joanna is an innovative teacher of at-risk students and has served on multiple DPI committees. She offers an eloquent challenge to the “new normal” of testing, standardization, and market-based “reforms” that are doing so much harm in our public schools.

Tune in to Resistance Radio on Monday to hear a great educator’s voice on what is really going on in public education.


WRRD is a Progressive Radio Station (1510 AM) that also can be listened to online.

Jay Johnson: REA teacher support

I wanted to pass along some info I received from my friend and REA President, Angelina Cruz, about some of the battles our fellow public educators are facing within our own three-county district.

I strongly believe that we should share this info with our own membership and encourage them to get active in messaging the RUSD BOE, especially if they are RUSD residents.

Jay Johnson
Past President

[from Angelina’s email]

… any help you can give in spreading the word with your members and folks that care about public education is much appreciated.

This is clearly a union busting tactic and very disappointing coming from the vast majority of the folks that are likely to vote in favor of it at this point.

[Jay has links to the events Angelina has set up online for the school board meetings for any interested individuals to help and support]:

Thank you for any and all help you’re able to give us!
In Solidarity,

Angelina Cruz
Racine Education Association (REA) President

New Forms Available

New reimbursement forms are now available (as of 7/18/17). Jay Johnson has made the document available via Google Docs as well. Please see the NEW FORMS menu (moved out from the SUBmenu under the REPS menu– now as its own menu) for the NEW Reimbursement forms.

Membership Ratification of new Tentative Agreement

On Thursday, 1 June 2017, the GTEA bargaining team met with Gateway’s bargaining team in order to establish our 2017-2018 annual salary. On Tuesday, 6 June 2017, Human Resources presented a formal written Tentative Agreement to us.

I am very pleased to announce that we bargained for the maximum allowed increase under Act 10. This year, that equates to a 1.26% increase in base wage for all employees in our bargaining unit.

While not part of the official bargaining process, we have also advocated for a salary schedule, as this was what the vast majority of unit members have loudly declared they want through our recent survey. Those survey results will be shared with you in more detail over the Summer semester.

Per the rules of the ratification process, the tentative agreement reached today requires GTEA members–those who have elected to maintain their membership in GTEA by paying dues–to vote to ratify this agreement.

Similar to past years, we will hold the ratification vote online.
[ed note: A link to a form for voting has been sent to members via a link sent out via email address of record to all members. Please contact a GTEA rep if you have not received the link]

Please follow the link [in the aforementioned email]  to vote on ratification of the maximum increase in salary for 2017-2018. You must include your full name or Gateway ID number as well as voting yes or no on the tentative agreement.

The voting will be open until 11:59PM CDT on Tuesday, 13 June 2017.

We anticipate having a signed agreement approved by the Gateway District Board in time for increases to appear at the beginning of our 2017-2018 annual contract on July 1, 2017.

Please, let the GTEA officers know if you have any questions. And, thank you again for joining with your colleagues to maintain a strong, unified voice for professional employees at Gateway.
Jay Johnson

GTEA Past President

Tentative Agreement for 2017-2018

Suzanne SubletteHello Colleagues! GTEA has completed formal collective bargaining negotiations regarding base wage increases for bargaining unit members.  We have reached a tentative agreement

For academic year 2017-2018, each full-time employee who is a member of the GTEA bargaining unit will receive a base wage increase of 1.26%.  

This agreement is contingent upon ratification by GTEA members.  GTEA will soon forward information to all current GTEA members detailing the voting process for ratification.  

Please continue to check your inboxes for news, updates and information.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Jay Johnson or myself.  

Regards! Suzanne © 2014 Frontier Theme